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In The Field, In The Factories

Quality Systems and Surveillance to Ensure the Right Product



Baknor Coordinates Quality.

Baknor maintains an internal quality system that tracks each order, all customer feedback and every quality issue.  We compile monthly quality statistics for all of our suppliers and feed this back to ensure the highest standard of product quality and customer satisfaction. Our 99.6% acceptance rate to our customers says it all.


We’re in the Field

Our local Quality and Engineering staff will communicate directly with yours  in local time: when you need it.  We will co-ordinate overseas communication so you don’t have to worry.  We have the experience, the infrastructure and the people to work for you.  Baknor gives you local support.  Our experienced staff are available to you to resolve any issues or questions that you might have.

Testing  and Lab Support

Baknor has the resources to bring you technical support.  From solder ability testing to microsection analysis and hi-pot testing to failure analysis, we have the test solutions you need. Second to none, we ensure quality throughout our network of qualified partners.  Baknor has the resources to closely monitor the off-shore fabrication. We review finished goods prior to shipment and we follow up in the field.

OngoingQC1 InFactories1 InField1 UL and ISO1

Each of the manufacturing facilities are continuously audited to ensure on going quality levels.

Our staff in China ensures easy communication, immediate response and a constant presence in the factories. We verify that the details are correct and nothing is ‘lost in translation’.

Our local Quality and Engineering staff will communicate directly with yours.  In local time: when you need it. We will coordinate overseas communication. We have the experience and the infrastructure and the people to work for you.

All of our manufacturing facilities are UL listed and ISO registered. We work to IPC standards (IPC 600 Rev F www.ipc.org). We also offer specialised certifications for specialised market segments and customer requirements like avionics, medical, high frequency applications and automotive