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Exceptional Design Capabilities


Tools and experience to get you to marktet on time  and at the best possible price


Whether you are working with an existing design or starting with just an idea, BAKNOR has the resources to help you create the optimal Printed Circuit Board.  With over 10 years experience, we know that the best design satisfies both the customer’s manufacturing process and the capabilities of the board fabrication process or Design for Manufacturability.  Let us help you reach optimal “manufacturability” with your existing and new PCB’s. Many of our clients, with their own in-house design staff, look to our group when project loads are too great.

Experience - Our Senior Designers have over 20 years experience designing single, double and multi layer digital, microwave and analog boards:

Baknor has the tools and the experience, in house, to quickly analyze your engineering data and assist your team in local time. We perform design review, stack-up, panel layout and impedance modeling in-house. We address engineering and quality concerns to resolve issues quickly and easily.

Our Deliverables include:


- Drill Tapes in Excellon format

- Gerber files for each layer

- Fabrication Drawings

- Schematic Drawings

- Net List

- Bill of Materials, Specs, Sole Sourced          Vendors  


We have the latest software and expertise to assist you in impedance modeling and board construction stack-up solutions.  We offer tailored solutions to your requirement ...


Every job is reviewed by one of our engineers at the quotation stage. Questions and options are discussed with your team prior to the job being forwarded to the manufacturing facilities...                    


We analyze your data.  Our engineers are equipped with state of the art circuit board software and years of experience in the “trenches”.  We will review for manufacturability ...                        


With a focus on design for cost our in-house engineering staff is available to discuss design and fabrication solutions tailored to your requirements. We recommend  materials ...